A Welcome Message from the Proprietress

Welcome to the Lark blog, a unique extension of our store. On this part of the site, we hope to engage our customers in a way that builds upon the experience that is Lark.

When Lark first opened a little less than four and a half years ago, the intent was to bring a more cutting edge, urban-inspired store to cozy little Gettysburg with a focus on artful displays. Having lived in an urban area myself, I missed the access to the variety of products available and assumed others would be looking for these products as well. It took several years of growing the business, but I feel like it is starting to resemble my vision now.

Between the character of the building, the unique production selection, great staff and complementary businesses (like the Gettysburg Baking Company, Hauser Estate on the Square and the newly opened Waldo’s artist’s collective) that have interior access to our store, I feel we provide Gettysburg locals and visitors a shopping experience that was previously missing. If there was an official mission statement for the store, it would be to provide our customers with unique products at a fair price in an engaging shopping environment. We want our customers to leave the store happier than when they came in whether they buy something or not.

If you’re not familiar with our product, we love handmade and fair trade products the most. It’s important to us that the people making the products enjoy what they do and are fulfilled by the work. We shop at traditional wholesale shows in New York and Atlanta and buy directly from artists and small businesses as well. Not only do we focus on unique items, but we feel strongly that we need to pass on as much value to our customers as well.

That’s part of where the blog comes in. I see this blog as an opportunity to continue to engage our customers and hope that our staff will participate in the conversation by writing their own entries. In keeping with the “modern marketplace” theme of the store, the blog will be something of a hodgepodge of content that reaches beyond the scope of our store walls and extends into the surrounding community and our world. In addition to highlighting some of the product on sale in the store, there will be Q&As with the artisans whose product we sell, small features about other stores whose M.O. we are inspired by, links to stories about related interests and opportunities for customers to participate and interact with us in a way that we hope will make them feel like part of the Lark family. Essentially, I hope the blog educates our customers about the products we have and how to use them in their everyday life.

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as you enjoy our product.


Timbrel Wallace, store owner