All Across Africa

Here at Lark, one of our objectives is to support fair trade businesses who provide opportunity to artisans across the world. This is why All Across Africa is one of our favorite new vendors to do business with.

A benefit corporation whose mission is to effect social change, All Across Africa provides a “market bundle” to the rural artisans they employ. Instead of receiving a one-time handout, the artisans (95% of whom are women) gain access to education, materials, training and market access , giving them the ability to create permanent gain for their families and restore dignity and self-sufficiency to their lives through the beautiful baskets they weave and sell.

Made from carefully dried sisal fibers and sweet grass and available in an array of warm, vibrant colors, the intricately woven baskets originate from under-served areas of rural Africa, such as Rwanda and Uganda, where they are often given as gifts to celebrate major life events like weddings, births and graduations and where basket weavers are regarded as valued members of society because of the income they bring into their homes. Additionally, the baskets carry their own symbolism, representing important concepts like “hope,” “unity,” “friendship” and “welcome” and cultural touchstones such as “sunrise,” “gorilla” and “dancer.”

Great for any room in the house, these gorgeous baskets will make a beautiful addition to your home décor or make a great gift for your loved ones while providing needed opportunity to the artisans who create them. We’re proud to do business with All Across Africa, and hope you will stop in to support the cause as well.