It’s a well-known fact of business that behind every successful company is a whole team of hard-working administrative professionals. These are the folks who take the calls, plan the meetings, coordinate the schedules, make the copies and get the coffee that allow those who have the good fortune to be working above them to take all the credit. Without them, businesses would just be made up of a bunch of alpha dogs barking orders at each other, with nothing ever getting done. That’s why it’s crucial to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of the administrative professionals who make our jobs so much easier. And what better time to do it than National Administrative Professionals’ Day, which just happens to be this Wednesday?

Now in case you’re one of those bosses who puts everything off to the last minute (or in case your admin assistant was too humble to remind you Administrative Professionals’ Day was coming up), don’t worry: Lark has your back. From clever mugs and funky reusable drinking tumblers, to desktop décor like inspirational trays and pen holders, to workday essentials like sarcastic notepads and artisan pens, to more personal gifts like soothing hand and body lotion and facetious socks, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find something perfect to let that special assistant, receptionist or secretary in your office know just how much you appreciate their efforts.

So come on into Lark (or shop our website) and let us support you in honoring your admin team. Because, like any good boss knows, taking care of those people is a good way to guarantee that they’ll take better care of you.

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