If there’s one thing that makes life easier to enjoy, it’s laughter. No matter what life throws at you, there’s often nothing that some good humor can’t cure. Indeed, humor is so important to us that we’ve gone and made a holiday for it. Yep, April 19 is National Humor Day. And in honor of that day, we’d like to invite you to come on into Lark and check out some of the funny product we have to offer. From hilarious wall plaques from Vintage Dictionary Art, whimsical wooden boxes from Second Hand Nature or irreverent greeting cards from Naughty Betty to books filled with humorous poems about cats, sarcastic mugs and wine glasses from That’s All or gut-bustingly facetious socks from Blue Q, we have something that is guaranteed to tickle the funny bone of even the most cantankerous of curmudgeons. So come on in and pick something up for you or for them – because everyone could stand to have a good laugh.