LOCAL ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Chris Lauer of Waldo’s & Company

As co-founder and proprietor of Gettysburg’s very own artist’s collective, Waldo’s & Company (which is located in the basement below Lark), Chris Lauer has been spearheading a movement of unique and unconventional artists in Gettysburg for a few years. But Lauer isn’t just a figurehead in the movement, he’s a member as well, with his own collection of handmade t-shirts, necklaces and hollowed “book boxes” now on sale at Lark. We sat down with Lauer to find out what inspires him, how his work furthers the Waldo’s cause, and what’s up next for Gettysburg’s very own “pied piper of the arts.” 

So you’re one of the first ones from the Waldo’s crew to have your work featured in Lark. How does it feel to be leading the charge?

I'm definitely glad to be one of the later artists to get on board!  There are so many talented people involved here, and I'm always happy to fade a bit into the woodwork of this community. We are very excited about our friendship with Lark.  There is so much potential for partnership and support on both sides of the coin.  We really could not have asked for better neighbors.

How are the items you have for sale in Waldo’s in keeping with the Waldo’s mission?

Waldo's mission has a lot to do with carving out space to support a working artist community while making it accessible to people of all incomes, ages, and mediums.  These pieces advance our mission by virtue of being created here, by a poor working artist (me) in a studio space made for that purpose.  And soon this space and equipment will be available for public use so that all the more folks can do the same!

You have some decorative books and necklaces for sale right now, but you also make t-shirts that are on sale at Waldo’s. Is there a medium you feel most comfortable in working as an artist?

I most often work in printmaking; relief printing, or mono printing.  But I have worked with acrylics, water colors, resins, sculpture, etc.

What typically inspires you to create something?

I am mostly inspired by nonsense, things I find funny or paradoxical.  Though I can easily be inspired by frustrations and soap boxes, as well as simple beauty.  I'm a mixed bag.

What kinds of things can we expect to see come out of Waldo’s in the future?

You'll have to come and see!