As part of our ongoing efforts to shine a light on some of the great businesses, creative personalities and notable community figures that make Gettysburg such a unique little town, we couldn’t help putting the focus on some of the talented artists whose work is being sold right here in Lark. 

This week’s featured artisan is our very own Lark team member Abigail Foster, a Gettysburg native who joined the Lark team shortly after her sister Rebekah started working here. A girl of many talents, Abi also counts painting and swing dancing as a few of her favorite hobbies, and currently freelances as a wedding and portrait photographer, with intentions of one day starting her own photography business. She also loves making handmade jewelry and would spend her breaks at Lark working in the back room on her necklaces. So it only made sense that she would eventually start selling them here in the store. We caught up with Abi to ask her a few questions about her love of jewelry, her future plans and why she thinks Lark is the right fit for her creations.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you come to work at Lark?

I am a REDHEAD and you can guess my personality by the color of my hair. I come from a big family and we’re all musical, but I'm the only one that can't play an instrument for the life of me!

How did you get started making jewelry? Have you always been a crafty girl?

Yes. When I was 10 I got really into it. My aunt would take me and my twin to these jewelry-making classes. She made our business cards and brought us tons of beads! I think she was the reason I got into it. When I was 11, I sold jewelry at the Gettysburg Farmer’s Market, and then got my friends to make and sell jewelry with me at the Gettysburg High School Christmas Market. They were, of course, pretty crappy back then, but people seemed to enjoy seeing a little girl pursue her passion at age eleven. 

What do you enjoy about making your jewelry? Why does it suit you?

I love making anything handmade! And I think making jewelry is one of the easiest things. I love the fact that I can design something that you can't find anywhere else and the look on people’s faces when you tell them you made it. 

Is this something you plan to do in the future? 

Yes, but will probably always just be something to do on the side. With working two jobs and pursuing wedding photography, jewelry will probably always be something I enjoy but will most likely not want to pursue full-time. 

Why do you feel Lark is the right fit for your jewelry? 

I don’t see Lark as just a gift store. To me, it’s more of a fulfilling experience that I take inspiration from. It has many unique pieces of jewelry from paper earrings to big gold bracelets, I feel that my leather choker necklaces are just adding to the variety to make Lark a one-of-a-kind store.