Our Team

Here at Lark - A Modern Marketplace, we have the friendliest staff Gettysburg has to offer waiting to help make your shopping experience one of a kind!  Let's meet them.

Meet Timbrel & Scott Wallace - Owners

Timbrel started Lark in 2011 with the goal of creating a unique shopping experience in Gettysburg.  By bringing a collection of thoughtful merchandise that features small businesses and artisans in America and around the globe, she has brought to Gettysburg the type of shopping typically reserved for hip urban centers.  She not only wanted to offer the locals and visitors alike a different experience but to promote regional products and grow the shopping community in downtown Gettysburg.

Meet Roxanne Carter
Roxanne Carter
Roxanne Carter has been a utility player at Lark for some time, filling in at the store whenever needed since the store’s opening in 2011. After graduating from High Point University in North Carolina with a degree in history, Roxanne worked in retail for a few years before she took a job in banking. She remained in banking for 27 years, most recently working as a first mortgage closer, until deciding to return to school in the spring to further her education. In the meantime, she has made a return to retail, where her years of solid customer service experience will more than come in handy at Lark. “I’ve always liked working at Lark,” Roxanne says. “ I like the people, I like the atmosphere, I enjoy interacting with the customers, and I like the flexibility the job has to offer while I figure out my next step in life.”

Meet Kate Cook
Kate Cook
Kate Cook is a Gettysburg native who has been with Lark since we opened in our old location in 2011. An industrious entrepreneur, Kate opened up her own art studio (Katydids) in Hanover two years after graduating high school and ran it for seven years. She also worked as a manager at the Hanover Elk’s Lodge for 11 years before moving back to Gettysburg, at which time she found work as a designer and manager at Boyd’s Bears for the eight years that company was in business. But she says her favorite job is being part of the Lark team. “I love everything about working at Lark,” Kate says. “There’s a positive energy that I feel from the moment I walk in the door that makes working here a very pleasant experience.”

Meet Abigail Foster
Abi Foster
Abigail Foster is a Gettysburg native who joined the Lark team shortly after her sister Rebekah came aboard. A girl of many talents, Abi counts painting, making jewelry and swing dancing as a few of her favorite hobbies, and currently freelances as a wedding and portrait photographer, with intentions of one day starting her own photography business. Abi says one of the many reasons she loves working at Lark is because it inspires her creatively. “I don’t see Lark as just a gift store,” she says. “To me, it’s more of a fulfilling experience that I take inspiration from.” 

Meet Bekah Foster
Bekah Foster
Bekah’s first introduction to Lark started as a teenager when they hired her to sing and play guitar as entertainment for First Friday’s. Now Bekah is thrilled to work on staff in close affiliation with The Bakery and Waldo’s and Company, as well as continue doing what she loves on First Friday’s— singing and playing guitar.

Meet Heidi Little
Heidi Little

Woman of Mystery...

Meet Jessi McKenna
Jessi McKenna
Our newest team member, Jessi McKenna, is a longtime friend of Lark’s, having worked just next door at the Gettysburg Baking Company for the past year. Although she wasn’t actively searching for a second job to take on, when she heard that Lark was in need of a part-time team member, she jumped at the chance to come on board. Jessi says it was the store’s unique atmosphere that made her want to work at Lark. “It’s both relaxed and fun at the same time, I really like the whole crew of people who work here, and I figured if I was going to take another job, it should be somewhere I really enjoyed being,” Jessi says.

Meet Barbara Reinhold
Barbara Reinhold
Barb Reinhold has been with the Lark team for four years now. A retired nurse, Barb came aboard the team because she wanted to try something different after she retired, and says she loves the store for the unique experience it offers to both customers and employees. “Everything we sell is so eclectic, and I just love looking at all the product,” Barb says. “I think it makes for a very interesting shopping experience, and I love meeting people from all over the country and the comradery of working with my fellow teammates.”