Cherokee Purple Tomato Seed Art Pack from Hudson Valley Seed Library

Cherokee Purple Tomato Seeds from Hudson Valley Seeds. Heirloom seeds & contemporary art, all in one pack! Illustration by Bobbi Angell.

Let this opal, smoky tomato be the breakout star of your garden.

Start seeds indoors early, about 10 weeks before last frost. Seeds germinate best at 80 degrees F. Do not over water, and keep temperature warm but not hot to prevent damping off. Transplant outdoors after threat of frost has passed. Cherokee purple is indeterminate but only grows up to 5' high. Provide with proper support. A bit of pruning increasing yield of fruit. Do not over water, and water at the base of the plant if possible to help reduce occurance of disease. Harvest when tomatoes are fully ripe for best flavor.

Plant the seeds, frame the art!

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