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Cocozelle Zucchini Seeds Art Pack

Where art and horticulture meet.

Seeds: Seeds are biologically designed for travel. During the period of European colonization, they traveled farther and faster than they ever had before, as mariners brought seeds of American crops back to their homelands. Hundreds of years of selection later, seeds of many of these crops in new and varied forms re-crossed the Atlantic with immigrants.

It is recommended picking this variety at the early stage rather than waiting for it to turn into a full grown yacht. Saving seeds? Let it grow as big as a battleship.

Specific: Cucurbita pepo.

Artist, Will Sweeney, uses his digital illustration to connect the grand majesty of a transatlantic crossing with the simple pleasures of the garden. Will is a prolific illustrator who has rendered work for everything from Spawn to Sesame Street.

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