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Essential Oil Blend 15 ml Bottle - Clary Sage/Lavender

Formulated to match the signature aromas of the Essential Oil Reed Diffusers and Candles, these blends are fully-concentrated and ready for use in an ultrasonic diffuser or to make your own DIY recipes.

100% Pure Essential Oil Aromas are made from steam-distilled or cold-pressed essential oils, lot-tested and certified for purity.

Clary Sage Lavender key fragrance notes: lavender, lemon, clary sage, chamomile.

For Home: Add a few drops to an ultrasonic diffuser to fill the room with a beautiful aroma, or make your own do-it-yourself household cleaner.

Skin & Body: Add a few drops to your body wash or lotion, or make your own aromatherapy body oil or bath bombs. 

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