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Gustav Klimt Judith Vase

Expandable Modgy plastic flower vases do everything a glass vase does except collect dust, chip or break. Beautiful designs and when filled with flowers look just like glass. 

These decorative vases are ideal for events, weddings, and any table top. Another beauty of these vases: collapsible and economical, making it easy to keep a variety of colors and patterns tucked away for any occasion.

Gustav Klimt (Vienna, 1862-1918) was a symbolist painter and the leader of the avant-garde vienna secession movement, which actively rebelled against the moralistic victorian ethos of the day.

An early piece from his golden phase, Judith and the head of Holofernes, includes motifs adorned with gold leaf. Scandalous in its day, Judith is portrayed as a femme fatale looking down at the viewer in triumph as her fingers entwine with the hair of Holofernes’s severed head.

Contains: one vase - 10.7" x 6.7".

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