Lemon Balm Seeds Art Pack

Where art and horticulture meet.

Seeds:  Lemon-scented perennial herb attracts pollinators. Immersing yourself in the healing aroma of Lemon Balm connects you to the goddesses of ancient Greece. The magical and medicinal properties of this aromatic plant are many, including reducing stress and boosting mental acuity. And still today it is planted near hives to benefit honey bees. While your results may vary, there is no disputing that it makes a lovely tea; its leaves dry easily and quickly in any protected spot.

Specific:  Melissa officinalis.

Artist, Annie Howe's papercut silhouette captures the delicate leaf texture of lemon balm; the honeycomb shapes hint at its attractiveness to bees. Annie lives in Baltimore and runs a papercut business; she crafts intimate, hand-cut artworks that tell stories.

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