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Moisturizing Shampoo & Body Soap - Cinnamon/Cypress

This 5 oz bar soap lathers into a rich, moisturizing shampoo and body soap — all in one! Hand-crafted exclusively from pure plant-derived ingredients and essential oil scents, SunLeaf Shampoo & Body Soap is biodegradable and free of synthetics, preservatives and petrochemicals. 

Packaged in recycled paper, choosing this bar helps reduce plastic waste. Look good and feel great about the products you use – with SunLeaf!

Cinnamon Cypress key fragrance notes: cinnamon, cedar, cypress, patchouli.

Ingredients: Saponified olive, coconut*, castor, argan, hemp seed* oils, shea butter* and cocoa butter*, 100% pure essential oil aroma. *Certified Organic

Naturally vegan and cruelty free.

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