Pinch Me Therapy Dough - Surf

Pinch Me Therapy Dough is a holistic stress reduction tool designed for use any time, anywhere.

Through the gentle pressure of the kneading, Pinch Me provides a purifying release of muscle tension. It naturally creates a redirection of focus from the mind to the hand where the current tension can be squished and released.

Designed to last for hundreds of uses. Simply take a "pinch" of dough, knead, then return to container.

Dough - A perfectly satisfying blend of softness and scent with NO residue left on your hands.

Surf - You'll almost feel like you are hanging ten riding a wave as you enjoy this powdery mix of coconut and a hint of pineapple.

10 oz.

*Contains wheat - If one has a sensitivity with wheat or gluten, use with caution.

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