Planet Earth Land of Dough - Luxe

Part art. Part science. All fun. Explore our planet in a whole new way as you dig your way through the Earth's layers.  Colors of blue, green, red, orange with shimmering glitter. When mixed all together becomes walnut in color.

Luxe Cups turn up play with a variety of intricate and interactive motifs These cups feature multilayered dough colors, fun surprises, and charming patterns that are sure to delight.

All-natural dough with plant-based colors, compostable glitters, and organic essential oils. Air dry after creating your masterpiece for years to come.

Unopened, Land of Dough products will last over a year. Once opened, you can enjoy more than 2 hours of active play time before you’ll want to rehydrate your dough. To rehydrate, simply wrap dough in a damp paper towel and place it in its container overnight. When not in use, dough can be stored in its container with the lid on in a cool place. Eco-friendly packaging

7 oz. of dough w/ a natural sustainably sourced wooden shovel made from birch

Handcrafted in the USA

Ages: 3+

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