Skyscraper Sunflower Seeds Art Pack

Skyscraper Sunflower Seeds from Hudson Valley Seeds. Heirloom seeds & contemporary art, all in one pack! Illustrated by Dion Yannatos.

From a tiny seed to a twelve-foot tower in just one season: giant sunflowers such as these are vessels of unrestrained garden joy, metaphors of garden power. Originally domesticated by Native American populations, pre-Columbus sunflowers were smaller and bore fewer seeds than those we know today. It wasn't until the 1500s that sunflower seeds made their way to Europe--eventually arriving in Russia, where they were selected for their oilseed production and their beauty. They returned from their trans-Atlantic odyssey in the late 19th Century, arriving in American seed catalogs and in gardens around the country. When you behold this beauty soaring above your garden, know that the force propelling it upward has been handed down to you, through the work of countless hands, over thousands of years, in many nations. Your garden is rich with this inheritance, and this sunflower proclaims it.

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