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Tiny Tim Tomato Seeds Art Pack

Where art and horticulture meet.

Seeds: Tomatoes are all about tall tales the biggest, heaviest, sweetest, earliest. But many of our most beloved literary figures are itty-bitty. This tomato would be at home in the tales of Tom Thumb, the Borrowers, Stuart Little, and Mighty Mouse. These miniature plants with tiny tomatoes deliver all the bravado of a full-size slicer in small but explosive sweet-tart bites.

Happiest in containers, Tiny Tim produces copious quantities of cherry-sized sweet-tart-tangy fruits on compact little plants. The tiny 1" red tomatoes are ready early and excel in sunny window boxes, picnic table centerpieces, and pots on city stoops.

Specific: Solanum lycopersicum.

Artist, Giselle Potter, is inspired in part by the years when she traveled with her parent's puppet theater, The Mystic Paper Beasts.

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