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Tom Thumb Pea Seeds Art Pack

Where art and horticulture meet.

Seeds:  A petite pea perfect for planters. Grimm's fairy tales celebrate many tiny but clever characters, including Tom Thumb. At the end of his first journey away from home Tom Thumb exclaimed to have traveled all over the world. Peas, too, have traveled the world, and this Tom Thumb is happy to continue moving...happily traveling around your patio in a pot or planter. This petite shelling pea is delightful when placed on a window sill, table, or patio for a satisfying snack. Munch on the leaves too!

Specific:  Pisum sativum.

Artist, Giselle Potter is inspired in part by the years when she traveled with her parents puppet theater, The Mystic Paper Beasts. Her work can be seen in children's books, galleries, magazines, and more,

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