Wild Arugula Seeds Art Pack

Where art and horticulture meet.

Seeds:  Smaller, punchier, and hardier than standard arugula. What makes one plant tame and another wild? People have changed plants and they have changed us. Many of our sweetest foods are the most cultivated. But some plants have held onto the spicy, spiky, and wild ways they use to ward off hungry creatures that might browse” and destroy” them. Wild Arugula is right on that cusp, tame enough to be delectable, and wild enough to keep our taste buds on their toes.

Specific:  Diplotaxis tenuifolia.

Artist, Natasha Zahn Pristas brings out the bright and bold flavor of wild arugula in her garden-centered cut paper collage. Surrounded by sweeter and tamer varieties, this variety is a perfect pairing in any fresh-picked meal.

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